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The WV County Dental & Vision Plan

The West Virginia Associated of Counties is pleased to offer the WV County Dental & Vision Plan to county and local government employees. This program is made available to all county and local government employees, subject to various participation guidelines.

The 4Most Dental Network is an overlay discount program that provides savings to you and your employer through discounts and no balance billing on charges over the Usual, Customary & Reasonable (UCR) charge if you use a 4Most Dental Network preferred provider. You still have the freedom to choose any dental or vision provider you like.

This page is a summary of the schedule of benefits offered in this exclusive, group-discounted program.

Please call Kathy at the WVACo office (304-346-0591) for any additional information on how to access the Dental & Vision Benefit Plan.

This is not a contract. Please refer to your plan booklet for full disclosure of benefits.

Premium for Dental & Vision

Single - $24
Family - $67

Dental Coverage
Deductibles $50 Single
$150 Family
Calendar Year Maximum* $1,250
CLASS I** 100%
(Six-Month Waiting Period)
CLASS IV** 50%
(Twelve-Month Waiting Period) $1,000 lifetime maximum
*Does not apply to Class IV.
** No deductible for CLASS I and IV Services

Vision Coverage
Examination Up to $38/person
Single-Vision Lenses Up to $75/person
Bifocal Lenses Up to $114/person
Trifocal Lenses Up to $150/person
Lenticular Lenses Up to $375/person
Frames Up to $29/person
Elective Contact Lenses* Up to $66/person
Necessary Contact Lenses* Up to $375/person
Examination limited to one every 12 months.
Frames limited to one pair every 24 months.
Lenses limited to one pair every 12 months.

*Contact Lenses are per pair and in lieu of frames and lenses benefits.

Dental Services

Class I Services:

Diagnostic – Procedures necessary to evaluate existing conditions and required dental care – to include visits, exams, diagnosis and X-rays.

Preventive – Prophylaxis (cleaning; up to age 19); fluoride treatments (up to age 14); space maintainers and sealants (up to age 16).

Class II Services:

Basic Restorative – Amalgam (“silver”) and composite (“white”) fillings.

Oral Surgery – Extraction and oral surgery procedures, including pre- and post-operative care. General anesthesia is covered when used in conjunction with covered oral surgical procedures.

Endodontics – Procedures for pulpal therapy and root canal filling.

Periodontics – Treatment to the gums and supportive structures of the teeth.

Class III Services:

Major Restorative – Inlays, onlays, crowns are benefited where “Basic Restorative” materials are not adequate.

Proshodontics – Procedures for replacement of mission teeth by construction or repair of bridges and partial or complete dentures. Denture repair and relining under prosthodontics are available as separate benefits if desired.

Class IV Services:

Orthodontia - $1,000 lifetime maximum benefit per dependent (up to age 19).

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