Our President

Matthew Harvey
Jefferson County Prosecutor

Matthew Harvey has been the prosecuting attorney for Jefferson County since election in 2016. Prior to that, Matthew previously served as an assistant prosecutor in Berkeley and Kanawha County and practiced criminal defense in a private firm.

Matthew currently serves on boards for Community Corrections and Teen Court for Jefferson County. Matthew is the President of the West Virginia Association of Counties and assigned to the Legislative Regional Jails Study Group.

Matthew is originally from Monroe County and now resides in Shepherdstown with his wife, Sarah. They have a young daughter and dog.


Our Immediate Past President

Raleigh County Circuit Clerk

Mr. Paul Flanagan, the Circuit Clerk of Raleigh County, has been installed as the President of the West Virginia Association of Counties (WVACo) in 2021.

Flanagan completed his presidential term on June 6, 2022.  Mr. Flanagan formerly served as Mayor of Sophia, WV, a Raleigh County Commissioner, and has served as treasurer of the Raleigh County Public Service District since 1994. He is a graduate of the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. As a licensed Funeral Director he served local families for twenty-eight years. He is currently a member of the WVACo Board of Directors and has served the Association for more than 8 years.  He also serves on the West Virginia Association of Circuit Clerks Association Board of Directors.


Paul is married to his wife of 52 years, Belinda Edwards Flanagan, and they have a daughter, two sons, one granddaughter and three grandsons.