Joining the WVACO


When a county joins the West Virginia Association of Counties, all of its elected officials are members including assessors, commissioners, county clerks, sheriffs, circuit clerks and prosecuting attorneys.  Dues are assessed through a formula based on the county's assessed value and population.


Former county officials who want to remain involved may become alumni members for a fee of ten dollars, which entitles them to continue to receive our monthly newsletter and an invitation to our annual Legislative Reception.


Six Vice-Presidents are chosen by electing one from each of the six member groups of the Association. The Board of Directors consists of the President, the Vice-Presidents, the Immediate Past President, and four directors from each of the six groups comprising the Association, for a total of a thirty-two member Board of Directors. All are elected at the Annual Meeting and take office at our annual Spring Board meeting held in June. The Board of Directors maintains general control and supervision over the Association and is empowered to determine all questions of policy which may arise. The Board meets at least twice a year, spring and fall, and also during the Annual Meeting. Special meetings are held as needed.

The President, Immediate Past President, and the six Vice-Presidents make up the Executive Operations Committee which meets at least quarterly. They have specific authority to give direction and evaluation to the Executive Director. The E.O.C. also participates in setting the agenda for meetings of the Association and its Board of Directors.


Organizations who want to support our Association and have a product or service that benefits county government are invited to become affiliate members. Affiliate members receive a full-page ad in our directory, a complimentary Directory, an invitation to our Legislative Reception, greatly discounted exhibitor fees for our Annual Meeting, a subscription to our monthly newsletter, and acknowledgment in the newsletter twice a year.

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