Preston County
Tuesday, 15 May 2007 00:12
Kingwood is the county seat of Preston County. It is built around a spring. The streets climb steeply in all directions.

The town was established in 1811, and was incorporated in 1853. It didn't really develop until about the turn of the century when most of the settlers came and built homes.

Kingwood is the commercial center for a large mining area, and for agriculture and lumbering. It is a tourist center in summer because of its cool climate.

The town gets its name because of the stately trees in the surrounding area, known as "forest kings," or "king wood." Some of them once stood in the center of the town.

Preston County is in northern West Virginia on the Allegheny Plateau. Contributing to the economy are dairy and poultry farms, coal, lumber, and limestone quarries.

Named in honor of James Patton Preston who served as Governor of Virginia from 1816 to 1819, Preston County was founded in 1818. The county consists of some 654 square miles of area. Parts of both Coopers Rock State Forest and Monongahela National Forest are located in the county. Arthurdale Homestead is located at Arthurdale.
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