Monroe County
Tuesday, 15 May 2007 00:03
Union is the city where Monroe County has its seat of government.

The area was settled in 1774 by James Alexander. In 1800 he donated land for a courthouse, and the community was incorporated in 1868.

Union retains the traditional southern community atmosphere of leisurely living. There is a special monument to the Confederate Veterans of Monroe County.

Monroe County is in southeast West Virginia in a mountainous region. There is some natural gas and iron ore in the county. There also are livestock, dairy, and fruit farms, as well as limestone quarries.

James Monroe, fifth president of the United States, presided over a period of time known as the "era of good feeling," because of the lack of factional quarrels. Monroe County, which was formed in 1799, honors Monroe, but for his contributions before he became president. The county is comprised of some 474 square miles. Rehoboth Church near Union is the oldest Methodist church west of the Alleghenies. Built in 1786, the church is in an almost perfect state of preservation. Monroe County was the home of Andrew S. Rowan, the Spanish-American war hero who was immortalized in Elbert Hubbard's "A Message to Garcia."
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