Spring may have finally sprung and with the recent mild weather we may all be able to get outside to reconnect with our friends and families.  Restrictions on gatherings have been reduced, and with more people receiving vaccinations, that “light at the end of the tunnel” is getting brighter.


              Some of the “brightness” is due to the recently passed Federal Relief Act that will put monies directly into county hands.  Senator Manchin was a great help in establishing the guidelines and regulations that enabled funding to be routed to County Government in West Virginia.  These funds will go a long way in making our County Government whole again and establish projects that will ensure stability in the coming years.  I would encourage everyone to take the time to thank our representatives, especially Senator Manchin, for providing this relief.  On behalf of the Association, with Jonathan, Kathy, Crystal and Jack’s help, thank yous, and conversations have been made to and with Senator Manchin, and feedback has been very positive. 


Finally, let us not forget that our Legislators are still in session.  Many pieces of Legislation affecting County Governments are still in the works. 


Keep contacting your representatives to voice concerns or approvals and as always,



Sheriff Jim Riffle, Marion County

WVACo President