Counties make West Virginia Almost Heaven

WELCOME to the West Virginia Association of Counties. We are fifty-five reasons why West Virginia is such a wonderful place to live and work, raise our families, and glory in the natural beauty of our hills.

This association provides the tools to assist our elected county officials in making county government work for the benefit of our citizens, promoting the good works from public service, and finding solutions to make West Virginia grow and prosper. Our primary function is promoting local government and the county government operations and the programs that impact the people. WVACo assists in coordinating the legislative relations between the counties, the elected county officials and the State. Our role is influencing and educating legislators on legislation.


WVACo has considerable state and federal government relations experience.  We work to protect counties from legislation harmful to their dutiful service to citizens.  Knight Consulting provides WVACO with expert property tax law analysis.  WVACo delivers the very best in government-legislative relations.


WVACo offers many programs to better serve counties, including:  risk and workers compensation insurance with the WVCorp risk-pool program; retirement planning with NACo-affiliated partner Nationwide; various personal insurance options provided by Assured Partners and AFLAC; professional training via WVACo Academy; and our Dental/Vision Program administered by WVACo,  Benefits Assistance Corporation and Assured Partners.  


Where does one get marriage and business licenses? Who provides public safety? What support is available to provide local services or recreational needs? The people can find those answers and more on this site and by contacting WVACo and learning Why county government matters.

Counties make WV go!

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We contribute to the un-matched quality of life that is West Virginia. A rich history of coal, glass, natural gas, and timbering, America was built on the backs West Virginians. Tourism is now a growing industry, from hiking & biking, whitewater, skiiing and more…West Virginia Counties have it all.

WVACo is a resource for county government officials and staff to keep “in the know” about each other, about state law and its impact on counties and their citizens, and learn about national trends and issues facing counties across the country to help West Virginia grow and prosper.


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