Direct to You (June 2015)
Wednesday, 01 July 2015 14:59

How do you spell enthusiasm? I now spell it Try This! The recent Try This! Conference held on the campus of Wesleyan in Upshur County attracted 500 participants from all over the states. The eclectic participants represented all aspects of health related fields and healthy initiatives, ranging from medical doctors to community volunteers. The WV Association of Counties is proud to be a part of this trend that is gaining momentum throughout the state. Many teams who attended will be awarded mini-grants for initiatives they want to start in their counties or communities. Thanks to Fayette County Commissioner Matt Wender who gave up his Saturday to be part of a panel discussion, “How To (and not to) Get Support from Your Local Officials.”

Patti Hamilton

Grants…. (June 2015)
Wednesday, 01 July 2015 14:58

Creating Opportunity and Prosperity through Strengthen-ing Rural-Urban Connections

From the National Association of Development Organizations

Metropolitan and rural America are highly connected and inter-dependent. To succeed, metropolitan America needs a healthy and sustainable rural economy and culture, and in turn rural America needs vibrant, well-functioning cities and suburbs to thrive and flourish. Yet, the prevailing national narrative pits urban versus rural for investments and public resources. A new issue brief from the NADO Research Foundation describes some ways in which regional development organizations and other regional entities are recognizing the importance of connecting rural regions and urban center.

Wednesday, 01 July 2015 14:56

The Appalachian Regional Commission presented the following “Building Blocks” for a Prosperous Community at their recent round of listening sessions held throughout the entire ARC region for developing their strategic plan. Strengthening these building blocks may be the most important first step towards a more prosperous future:

  • Skilled and healthy people, ready to work
  • Families who can meet basic needs, while saving for the future
  • Openness to new ideas and the innovators who bring them to the community
  • Solid infrastructure, including telecommunications and broadband
  • High quality educational institutions from pre-school to post college
  • Strong quality of life amenities, including recreation, art and cultural opportunities
  • Engaged citizens and effective leaders
  • Investments necessary for people, places and businesses to have a brighter future
  • Natural resources that are well-managed and cared for
  • Appreciation for diversity of all types


  • Active engagement of the next generation in leadership, entrepreneurship and civic life


  • Engaged networks of nonprofit organizations



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