Wednesday, 03 August 2016 00:05

The West Virginia Association of Counties is proud to be a part of the DOTS coalition, Dementia –Capable Outreach, Training and Support. The coalition is made up of the WV Bureau of Senior Services, WV Alzheimers Association, and many other organizations. Seven communities were awarded up to $10,000 each in June to implement plans to make their communities more dementia-capable. Later this year there will be another opportunity to apply and at least eight additional grantees will be selected. Projects selected were in Monongalia, Jefferson, Kanawha, Lewis, Mingo, Raleigh, and Randolph counties.

This is an important project for West Virginia due to our older demographics. What is a dementia friendly community?

  • Health care that promotes early diagnosis and uses dementia care best practices along the care continuum
  • Businesses with dementia –informed services and environments for customers and employ- ee caregivers
  • Dementia-friendly public environments and accessible popu- lation
  • Dementia-aware local government services, planning, and emergency responses
  • Health care that promotes early diagnosis and uses dementia care best practices along the care continuum
  • Businesses with dementia –informed services and environ- ments for customers and employee caregivers
  • Dementia-friendly public environments and accessible population
  • Dementia-aware local government services, planning, and emergency responses
  • Supportive options for independent living and meaningful community engagement
  • Welcoming and supportive faith communities Dementia-aware and responsive legal and financial planning

Try This Awards 55 mini grants
Wednesday, 03 August 2016 00:04

Try This received 79 mini-grant applications and awarded 55 projects totaling $105,600 this year. The projects are diverse and widespread, ranging from a hydroponic system in an Ohio County neighborhood center that will provide fresh produce for its on-site food pantry and hot-meal programs to the start-up of a fishing club and biking club in Boone County which will partner local youth with Police Department mentors.

In Calhoun County, a countywide community team is being formed to organize healthy eating and physical activity programs. In eastern Kanawha County, a team will host a series of community conversations and weekly “chat n chews” around healthy living.

TRY THIS WV is a movement and a mini-grant program to knock WV off the worst health lists, community by community and county by county. This initiative is made up of community and county leaders, doctors, nurses, health advocates, WVU Extension, school, local teams, and many others. So far, 99 local multi-sector teams have completed extensive leadership development and been funded for a real project such as community gardens, walking trail expansions, etc.

The Try This self-funded conference, which attracted over 500 people in its second and third year, has built sustainability into the program. Both Kentucky and North Carolina have reached out to the Try This Steering Committee to replicate the program in their states. The WV Association of Counties is proud to be involved in the program as part of the steering committee.

The Presidents View
Wednesday, 01 June 2016 09:44


My term as your president comes to a close this month. I want to thank you for electing me to this office and say it has truly been my honor and pleasure to serve.

May is the month of elections, the good, the bad and the ugly. I must commend each of you for running for office in the first place and holding that office as an elected county offi- cial. It is difficult to run when our lives are scrutinized and dissected, our past experience in office is questioned and lies about us are made up and stat- ed as fact. Thank you for hav- ing the big shoulders to bear this in order to help the people in your respective counties.

Will 2016 be remembered for the 17-year cicadas or the grueling election and the startling results in many counties and the State? I feel a great loss for the friends across the state that lost their re-election bids. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you finish out this term of office and into the next challenge of your life. Please come back and see us from time to time. Good Luck to those that decided not to run again or will be retiring. I know you really will not miss those late night, early morning and weekend calls at home for assistance. Government does not work properly without caring and dedicated individuals who only want the best interests of their county and the State. Thank You!!!!

Being the President of the WVACO has been my pleasure and was made much easier with the fine staff, Kathy, Crystal and Jack, and outstanding director, Patti. These individuals are the face of our organization and represent us well daily. I would also like to thank the WVACO Board of Directors. Each of you has taken an active part in your respective Associations and on this Board. Your knowledge, leadership and general good-will have made a lasting impression and enabled change to occur in the governmental processes of this State. Each of your counties has been extremely lucky to have you hold an elected county position and represent them so well. Thank You!!!

My philosophy is to never just sit back, observe and let life pass you by when you can become an active participant and help lead the way into the future.

Thanks again and have a Wild and Wonderful Summer!


Brenda L. Miller, President West Virginia Association of Counties

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